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My studio. A place to work and design without the distractions of the boys running and playing or Rosie barking at another bird flying by.  A place to catch my breath and, depending on the mood, will either be playing soft folk favourites or something with a catchy tune and good beat, that I can jam out too.  Even though I consider myself to prefer order and tidiness, I do not feel this is necessary in the studio.

I am okay with dried bits scattered around, mismatched candles, flower books piled up with glasses that I never wear or bunches of blooms hanging and drying in their perfectly imperfect way.  It is a small space to call my own that brings me joy.  The beauty of it is, at the end of the day, I close the doors and reenter the sounds and energy of my family, knowing that everything will be waiting for me tomorrow just as I left it. A beautiful mess of creativity. 

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