A Modern Winter Wedding Concept

Close your eyes and imagine that you are surrounded by the beauty of nature in winter.   You exhale and see the white misty cloud of your breath in the crisp mountain air.  In the early evening hours, candles light and guide the way to meet your love.  Your champagne toned dress dances in the breeze as you take in the magic that surrounds you.  The two of you are greeted with the warm welcome glow of a fireplace and your closest friends and family.  Modern cream linens and table settings are contrasted with tones of browns and copper. Your eye is drawn up as floating clouds of blooms dance and hang above you.  The two of you share a smile as you know this is your moment. The one you have been waiting for!

Image Source via Pinterest

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Inspired by the majestic beauty of Banff National Park, with its sweeping grey mountains, crystalline blue glacier lakes, and dense forests, this wedding exuded a modern yet timeless charm...

Modern Nature Inspired Wedding in Breathtaking Banff