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6 favourite wedding floral trends for 2023

In my line of work, I’m lucky enough to be asked about floral trends for weddings a lot. It’s a topic I love talking about and I’m particularly excited for this year. There are some really unique trends taking off, and so much opportunity for creative freedom and expression.

Read on to find out about my 6 favourite wedding floral trends for 2023—and don’t worry If something doesn’t speak to you. The best thing about these trends is that there is something for every bridal style.

Colourful flower arrangement.

1. Petite bridal bouquet sizes

We’re seeing a shift from the days of heavy, oversized, cascading bouquets. Instead, brides are opting for smaller, more delicate bouquets. 

Bride holding small bouquet.
Floral Credit: Floral and Design Co. Photo Credit: Bryttanni Photography

Picture lightweight and airy bouquets that feature unique local flowers designed to pique interest with height and dimension. Just because we’re going smaller, doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice shape or interest!

Plus, going smaller with the bridal bouquet often means going big elsewhere. (Read on to find out what that means.)

2. More than just a pop of colour

Gorgeous neutral blooms have been going strong for a few years now, but we’re seeing a shift to colour—and lots of it! 

What’s super interesting is the unexpected colour pairings that are taking off. Think of something like chartreuse and lavender or mustard yellow and magenta. These are bold, fresh takes on a wedding colour palette that signal a modern approach versus the more traditional pinks, nudes, blushes, and whites that we’re used to.

Another high impact trend we’re seeing is metallics, specifically silver. This can be a really vibrant addition to your wedding colour palette and while you can incorporate silver into other design elements—think stationery or table settings—it works really well in florals. 

Here at Floral and Field we’ve been working on projects that involve painting and tinting flowers and foliage to achieve a shiny metallic tone.

3. Maximalism

The mantra for 2023 seems to be that more is more! We’re seeing floral arrangements taken to the next level with fruits and vegetables on tablescapes. Berries, legumes, cauliflower—we’ve even seen carrots weaved beautifully into designs!

Wondering how this all comes together? Experiment with placing fruits and vegetables in floral arrangements for an incredible (and edible!) table setting, sparking conversation among your guests.

Looking for a more low-key approach? Sometimes unexpected elements can sit elegantly alongside florals in your tablescape. Add some beautiful pears and grapes for natural green tones, or beautifully rich berries for vibrant pops of colour. And hey, if guests want to enjoy a small snack between courses, so be it!

Wedding table design.
Photo Credit: Levant Lane at Modern Love Event

A word of warning: You don’t just want to go out into your garden or the grocery store and start grabbing things! Let your florist carefully curate fruits and vegetables to complement your floral designs. It should all work cohesively together to either tone down your colour palette, or enhance it. 

4. Sculptural styles

The move to strongly defined shapes in floral centrepieces is a trend we like to describe as having a historical precedent with a modern twist! A sculptural style can add a unique element with a lot of fun: think bold statement pieces in artistic shapes. For weddings with a modern, clean, and bold style, the U-shape is really taking off, while traditionally styled weddings might want to consider a softer S shape, which has a more organic and whimsical feel.

5. Statement pieces

With the shift to maximalism, colour, and sculpted styles, this trend should come as no surprise! Going big with florals in an intentional way is definitely in—especially in focal areas.

A great example of this is the dance floor. It’s the perfect place to add a statement floral piece like an oversized, hanging installation. Just imagine spending all night dancing underneath it, looking up to see all these beautiful florals. It’s hard to beat as a high-impact area.

Another popular area to add a statement piece is the escort table, where wedding guests can find their seating arrangements. It’s the perfect opportunity to make a good first impression by wowing guests with a large-scale floral arrangement that gets them talking the minute they enter your venue.

Wedding escort table with flowers.
Floral Credit: Levant Lane at Modern Love Event

If none of those take your fancy, consider the bar as the setting for your statement floral. Think hanging chandeliers that have beautiful trailing blooms and greenery, or bar menus literally wrapped in stunning floral arrangements. We’ve even seen menus that appear to have just landed in a beautiful garden of flowers: magical!

Wedding bar menu with flowers.
Floral Credit: Floral and Field Design Co. Photo Credit: Kaity Body Photography

After the past few years of smaller weddings, we’re seeing more and more couples putting emphasis on the guest experience. Adding statement flowers to these key areas in the guest journey will really help elevate the overall experience and make it super memorable.

6. Unexpected elements paired with flowers

    Flowers will always, always, always be beautiful on their own. But we’re increasingly seeing new, unexpected elements incorporated into bouquets, centrepieces, and large-scale installations.

    It’s not just fruit and vegetables. On a recent trip to California we were struck by seeing incredible taxidermy butterflies fluttering into all aspects of flowers at a wedding. It was an eye-catching and stunning way of giving these beautiful creatures an afterlife flying atop your bouquets in the most whimsical way.

    Bride holding a purple bouquet.
    Floral Credit: Florae at Modern Love Event

    Other natural elements are being added, too. We’ve seen moss take the place of table runners—really bringing the forest indoors. This lovely touch makes your florals look like they were always meant to be there. Finally, incorporating tumbleweed into designs creates an interesting and unusual element to arrangements. 

    To make ground arrangements look more organic, you can place natural stone pieces and crystals around them.

    Unexpected, unusual, and creative is in. What will it mean for your wedding? I’d love to hear about what you like, what you don’t, and which trends you’d like to incorporate into your big day—reach out to me and let’s start dreaming together. 

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