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As an extension of my floral studio, I want this journal to be my way of sharing my happy place! It’s a spot for me to share my love of flowers with no rules or restrictions, just creative freedom, with the pure joy of artistic expression. Follow along as I share moments in and out of the studio, looking at seasonally inspired blooms, playing with conceptual mood boards, adventuring to new forage spots, and the hustle and bustle of tending to my small flower garden. Welcome To The Journal Of A Flower Lover!

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JOurnal of a Flower Lover

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Bride holding bridal bouquet on her wedding day.

In my line of work, I’m lucky enough to be asked about floral trends for weddings a lot. It’s a topic I love talking about and I’m particularly excited for this year. There are some really unique trends taking off, and so much opportunity for creative freedom and expression. Read on to find out about […]

6 favourite wedding floral trends for 2023

My studio. A place to work and design without the distractions of the boys running and playing or Rosie barking at another bird flying by.  A place to catch my breath and, depending on the mood, will either be playing soft folk favourites or something with a catchy tune and good beat, that I can […]


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