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As an extension of my floral studio, I want this journal to be my way of sharing my happy place! It’s a spot for me to share my love of flowers with no rules or restrictions, just creative freedom, with the pure joy of artistic expression. Follow along as I share moments in and out of the studio, looking at seasonally inspired blooms, playing with conceptual mood boards, adventuring to new forage spots, and the hustle and bustle of tending to my small flower garden. Welcome To The Journal Of A Flower Lover!

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I first met Emma & Steven where all dreams start, Starbucks! Their sense of style was clear in our previous emails, but meeting them in person, added magic and unspoken energy. Emma’s vibrancy and sense of humor had me instantly laughing!  I knew I wanted to create that same sense of style with their flowers.  […]

Emma and Steven at Meadow Mews Pavilion

Tianna and Zach’s day was set at Sweet Haven Barn, a unique farm venue, surrounded by the beautiful countryside, in the heart of Central Alberta.  On the big day, I worked closely with the team at Blush & Lace Beginnings to create a beautiful cohesive feel from the ceremony through to the reception. The floral […]


It was a beautiful and late summer day at one of my favourite venues, the Gathered.  As I walked through the gardens, excitement was building, as I knew that through friendship and collaboration, today would be a special and memorable one.  A few months prior, Heather from Wild Rose Weddings and Workshops had asked me […]


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